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About Us


Hello Visitors, 

First, I want to thank you so much for visiting my site. My company, Woman-kind, was created to develop skincare products that are safe, effective, and inexpensive. I wanted to provide you with the best products by using the best skin-care, all-natural ingredients that will enhance and maintain the beauty of your skin. 

In addition to purchasing all-natural beauty products, don't forget to consider limiting sugar intake, exercising regularly, and drinking an adequate amount of water routinely. Following these recommendations may help your skin with elasticity, texture, and hydration.

A little bit of information about myself:

My name is Maria. I  have worked in the healthcare field for the past 12 years in various areas but have always gravitated toward skin healing. I also have a 14-year-old who inspired me to create this company. Ninety percent of the proceeds from this company's sales will go to his college savings. I have my MBA in Healthcare Management and am completing my Doctorate in business administration.

While in undergrad,  there were times that I struggled to afford the essentials of good skin care. The stress of working full-time, raising my family, and trying to manage good grades affected my facial skin texture and caused constant acne flare-ups. This led me to research different all-natural facial cleansing techniques that could control and manage my ever-changing skin. For that reason, whether you are a mother, a student, or any person who struggles to access quality skincare, I aim to provide you with an all-natural, affordable skincare product.

I look forward to your business and am open to suggestions for new products. Again, thank you for taking the time to browse my e-commerce store. 

-Maria Robbins

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